About Us

We’re just skincare enthusiasts that want to help others who struggle with acne, sun damaged skin, & anything in between!

A Relentless Search For New Solutions

Celestia Skin was created by people just like you! For decades, each and every one of us struggled with every skin condition under the sun. We’ve made it our purpose to help you enhance your inner beauty, boost your confidence, and unlock your inner queen! We want you and your skin to feel above the clouds!

The True Secret of Flawless Skin

The journey to flawless skin is extremely challenging yet rewarding. Just like you, we've tried everything from : ProACTIV, prescription drugs & topicals, OTC spot treatments, at home remedies like Himalayan mud masks, and even just a prayer before bedtime that we would wake up to beautiful & glowing skin.

We learned from some of the greatest minds in beauty & skincare. They revealed to us that truly beautiful skin comes deep from within the pores. Warm steam purifies the pores in other areas which other treatments cannot reach. It helps your skin look much healthier & younger! Buy the Celestia’s Pro Facial Steamer today.

Flawless Skin Made Easy

Ready to finally achieve healthier & glowing skin?